Verb collocation – Let’s use student’s knowledge!

Level: A2

Age: 11 -13

Number of SS: 7.

Goal: To work on verb collocation using student’s previous knowledge.

It’s possible to use this activity to help the production of many different topics.

Students formed a circle; I gave them one ball, which they had to randomly throw to each other. Every time one student threw the ball he or she had to say an infinitive verb, ex. Go, play, do, etc.

verb collocation1

While they were throwing the ball and saying infinitives, I was writing them on the board.

verb collocation2

When they had said enough infinitives, they were given a marker and told to write verb collocations on the board. They were allowed to write more than one collocation per verb.

verb collocation 3 verb collocation4

The topic of the class was illnesses and pieces of advice using should or shouldn’t. So they were encouraged to use the verb collocations after should and shouldn’t to give advice.

They had drawn the illnesses on slips.

verb collocation5

They sat on the floor in groups, one student had to get a slip and say: I have a … What should I do? Each student of the group had to give a piece of advice using should or shouldn’t + a verb collocation.

verb collocation7 verb collocation6