Parts and objects of the house – Do adults like coloring, cutting and pasting?

House – Do adults like colouring, cutting and pasting?

Level: A1+

Age: Adults

Number of SS: 6.

Goal: Practice parts and objects of the house.

 The year has begun so it’s to start posting again.

They had already seen parts of the house and the objects, but the activity can also be done as an introduction.

As a warmer, I asked them to stand up and form two lines, both lines facing the same wall. In pairs, one S had to draw one house object on the other’s back and he/she had to guess the object. I forgot to take pictures, sorry hehehe.

After that they had to look at some pictures and write down the names.

Captura de Tela 2016-02-26 às 11.00.23

Then they received cardboards and named each one after a room. Finally, exchanging the cardboards, they had to color, cut and paste the objects according to the rooms.

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They had lots of fun, practice the vocabulary and did something meaningful. I’m sure it will help them to remember the content.

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