Comparatives – Are dogs cuter than cats?

Level: A2

Age: 10 – 11

Number of SS: 12 in one group and 8 in the other.

Goal: Practice and produce comparatives before explaining the rule.


First, I elicited name of animals and each student chose an animal. I managed to avoid repeated animals. Each student was given a marker and told to draw the animal on the board.


After that, in pairs, students had to make a list of adjectives to describe animals. Then, in groups of four, they had to share their adjectives and add the new ones to their lists.


In the same groups, they talked about the animals. They had to use the adjectives, from their lists, in the conversation.

I asked them the question the book brings as the topic of the unit: Are dogs cuter than cats? And I used their animals on the board to keep asking questions: Are … cuter than …? Who thinks … are cuter than … raise your hands.

After that, they opened their books and did a listening exercise, in which, two people compare dogs and cats.


The next step was to orally compare animals using the animals on the board, the animals on the book, their adjectives and the book’s adjectives. At this point they were supposed to use the comparative structure. I went around monitoring and modelling the structure but I didn’t stop to explain it.

It was only after this practice that I went to board and elicited the chart and they copied on their notebooks.


I felt that the scaffolding was great. They got what they were expected to do very easily and produced beautifully. The goal was achieved in a fun and light way.

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