Writing – Can we do it together?

Level: B1

Age: 13 -15

Number of SS: 13 in one group and 9 in the other.

Goal: Practice Point of time X Period of time to the present.


I normally use this activity when we are working on conditionals. However, I thought it would help students see and practice the difference between Past simple and Present perfect, Point of time X Period of time to the present.

First, I divided the board in two: Point of time on one side and Period of time to the present on the other. Students were given pieces of chalk or markers. In pairs, they went to the board and wrote time expressions, ex: in 2007, two days ago, etc. on the side of point of time and since 1999, in the last few years, etc. on the side of period of time to the present.


Students formed a circle with the chairs and were given a piece of paper. They were asked to write a point of time sentence and pass the piece of paper to the student on their right. The student read the sentence, folded the paper backwards and had to write a period of time to the present sentence and pass the piece of paper. Students could only read the last sentence and had to continue the story. If they read point of time, they wrote period of time to the present and vice versa.


When there wasn’t space to write anymore, students corrected the stories in pairs.


To sum up and assess it properly, also in pairs, students had to organize the two stories into one. They wrote it on a piece of paper and handed me. They could change the order of the sentences and add connectors.


I had lots of fun correcting the stories; they were very crazy and creative. Few mistakes were spotted, which shows they goal was achieved. The also had fun linking the crazy sentences they had previously written.

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