Days of the week – Can we use their desks to help?

Level: A1+

Age: 09 – 10

Number of SS: 7.

Goal: Practice days of the week.


In this case, they had previously seen the structure, but I have already done this activity to introduce days of the week.

A line of seven desks was organized in an OK distance from the wall. I put five desks very close to each other and the other two desks were together but a bit far from the five. The idea here was to visualize that there are five days that are weekdays and two days that are the weekend. I asked students questions like: What do you have in your lives that are always five and two? They guessed many different things, after a while I told them that it was the week and asked them to sit down on the desks.

The ideal number for this activity is eight students, but you can always adapt. On that day I performed the activity with them to complete eight people.

With students seated on the desks, I elicited the days and each student wrote one of the days on a slip of paper. Then, they stuck the slips, on the desks, in the correct order of the week. To provide the link to how the book addresses the topic, they also had to write a job. Ex. On Monday, I’m a vet.

One student stayed in front of the line of desks, he/she had to ask: What do you do on … ? The student of the day asked had to answer: On … I’m a …

days of week

When the student finished answering everyone had to stand up, run, touch the wall, run back and sit on a different desk. The student who asked the question didn’t need to touch wall, so he/she could sit down faster than the others.
days of week 2days of week 1

After that they prepared a poster with what they had practiced: On … I’m a …

days of week 3

The posters were stuck to the wall.

days of 4

They had great fun running and sitting down on different places. They had to think of a day to ask the question and pay attention to the question to answer it properly. The organization of the desks helped them visualizing the days, which is related to the spatial intelligence. The association with jobs may also help their brain connections. They did that in a very friendly way.

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