Reading – Can it be fun and kinesthetic?

Level: A2

Age: 11 -13

Number of SS: 9.

Goal: To read actively.

The teacher’s first step is to read the text and prepare some questions related to it.

I prepared ten questions and printed two sets, one green and one red. Then, the questions were cut in slips.questions

The students were divided in two groups. They got their books and sat on the corner of the classroom.11998247_10153059382337761_1695870387_n

The questions were placed on the floor, on the other side of the classroom.11997393_10153059382297761_702499076_n

One student of the group had to run, get one question.11998561_10153059382242761_94940514_n

Go back to the group and together they had to find the answer.11997855_10153059382147761_1697856720_n

Then, one student wrote the answer on the board. Students took turns doing that.11997406_10153059381777761_1192468490_n
One group got the green questions and the other the red questions. After answering all questions, we corrected the answers together. I read the questions and they told me the answers.


The result of the activity was excellent. They practice scanning and skimming in a very engaged and fun way. They all participated and liked to find the answers reading the text, I guess they didn’t even had the feeling they were reading it. The reading process naturally happened. The two groups answered the questions correctly. After that, they easily answered the book’s questions and they were very concentrated while they were doing that.

2 thoughts on “Reading – Can it be fun and kinesthetic?”

  1. Dudu, what a creative idea! Working with reading and having fun is not easy. I will try this idea and I am sure it will work. Tks for sharing! 😉

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